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What happens in a Clap center?


Improve life trajectories

By exploring different disciplines, they find what motivates them and  develop applicable skills


Strengthens communities

Reduce risk situations and increase community participation

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Clap Centers

Each Clap center focuses on offeringandlearning experiencesfocused on adolescents and young people from vulnerable backgroundsdevelop skillsthat enable thembest paths of life

A Clap Center offers close to home, and day by day:


Safe, attractive and well-managed environments


Mentors trained to accompany learning processes


Effective training programs in creative, technical and life skills


Access to valuable resources and high-quality tools

Our transformative programs

Clap Tour

For teenagers from 12 to 17 years old

A program focused on adolescents from a workshop in a discipline they are passionate about such as creative embroidery, comics or photography developing valuable skills for their future. 

clap route

For young people from 17 to 26 years old

A transformative 6-month program focused on young people who have dropped out of school, are not working or are in low-income work, develop a set of skills that lead them to access better career paths.

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