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Each Clap center offers three programs that focus on our community groups

Club Clap

An open space to bring teenagers and young people closer to different experiences, tools, and resources that encourage creative learning, critical thinking and the development of new interests and skills.

usuarios de Club Clap

12 to 17 years old

Horario Club Clap

On demand


Clap Gira

An after-school program in which we offer technical and creative workshops where participants create valuable new skills for their future based on topics they are passionate about.

Participants receive a complimentary meal and work with a mentor who guides them and supports their academic and personal development.

usuarios de Clap Gira

12 to 17 years old

Horario Clap Gira

8 hours per week

Duración Clap Gira

2 months


Clap Ruta

An intensive program for working-age youth to achieve high-growth carrier paths that lead them out of poverty.

Participants develop relevant technical and social skills. We create links with local companies and promote personal ventures.

usuarios de Clap Ruta

18 to 25 years old

Horario Clap Ruta

40 hours per week

Duración Clap Ruta

6 months

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