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We are a non-profit that develops effective community learning centers and programs for vulnerable youth.

We focus on bringing new opportunities to transform their life paths.

Vista externa del Centro de aprendizaje Clap en Chihuahua.

Why Clap?

Los jóvenes que viven en comunidades vulnerables se enfrentan a una crisis sistémica sin precedentes:

Integral approach

Our flexible learning programs aim to develop technical, creative, social and emotional skills.

Quality resources

We work with innovative and quality tools and materials. We have mentors who guide and support the participants.

Integrated into the community

We build attractive, accessible, and safe centers designed for each community and sustainable over time.

Clap Centers

Vista externa de Centro de aprendizaje Clap en Chihuahua

Clap Valle Dorado


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Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Clap Riberas

Chihuahua, 2023

Visión interna del centro de aprendizaje Clap en Chihuahua.

Clap Valle Dorado

Chihuahua, 2022

Render de Centro de aprendizaje Clap

Coming Soon

Clap Oaxaca

Oaxaca, 2023

Our board of advisors

Hombre joven mirando al frente y sonriente

Diego Alcázar

Fundador y Director Ejecutivo

Mujer mirando al frente de perfil y con expresión seria

Nancy Otero

Educational Development

Hombre joven de perfil y sonriente

Rafael de la Guía


Hombre mirando al frente y con expresión seria

Ric Edinberg

Service Design

Our Team

Ilse perfil.png

Alessandra Camino Creel

Development and Alliances

Jair perfil.png

Jair Meza

Coordinador de Ruta

Itzel perfil.png

Carmen Mari Suárez

Development and Communication

Mujer joven mirando al frente y sonriente

Sofía Fuentes

Management and operational support

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