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Graduation of the first Clap Ruta generation

In October 2022, we began our first Clap Ruta pilot with a challenge: can a six-month program enable young people who did not finish high school or have low-paying jobs to develop technical, academic, and human skills that will allow them to find jobs with high growth potential?

Thanks to a grant from Kasuga Foundation and working closely with Cenaltec, we developed a program that combines technical training with training in essential and valuable areas such as mathematics for the world of work, digital skills, and finance. This learning program is integrated with spaces for socioemotional development and mental health, such as mentoring, access to therapy, and job coaching.

In March 2023, the first generation graduated with an official diploma in logistics or residential electrical installations and certification in Digital Skills, Math, and Excel for work. Beyond that, participants have experienced a deep and meaningful growth process that invites them to continue their personal development.

About 15 days after completion, six participants have already started jobs with salaries 37% higher on average than their previous ones, and five have enrolled in continuing their studies while working. Although there are many lessons learned and opportunities for improvement, the results we have seen in the children have made us propose to expand the program significantly in Chihuahua and other states in 2023.

About Clap Ruta

Clap Ruta is an intensive six-month program in which we train and prepare young people from vulnerable areas with low incomes or who have dropped out of school so that they can achieve higher growth employment trajectories.

In addition to being technically prepared for a career path, participants develop essential competencies for work context (such as digital skills, mathematics for work, and English), strengthen their personal development and receive support to join local companies.

¿What makes Ruta different?

  1. It is integrated and dynamic. We combine basic skills, technical training and socioemotional development.

  2. We select and design learning paths based on an depth analysis of the labor market and focus them on positions with potential.

  3. It is connected to companies, as we involve them in program design, training, and recruitment.

  4. It is flexible and adaptable. In addition to the basic program, participants can access psychological support, childcare, business training, and on-demand courses.

  5. It is stimulating for young people. We offer committed, skilled instructors and mentors, innovative learning methodologies, and partnerships with leading physical and hybrid educational programs.


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