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Creating a new generation of learning spaces that enable our youth to thrive

We develop extraordinary opportunities for girls, boys, adolescents and youth to grow, have fun, learn and strengthen life skills.

We create safe spaces that offer stimulating activities, innovative resources and access to mentors who accompany and inspire them.


Children, teenagers and youth spend 70% of their active time out of school. Yet, they find few opportunities that allow them to create a better present and future for

Limited access to out of school learning or recreation spaces

More and more time in isolation

Unsecure streets and risky public spaces

This has serious consequences

Risk of suffering or being part of violent acts

Lack of good work and life trajectories

Vulnerable to addiction, loneliness and depression

Our approach

We promote, along with governments, companies and other organizations, a new generation of out-of-school learning spaces that:


Offer innovative resources in a safe and atractive environment 


Inspire successful lives through mentorship and assesment 


Develop life skills through stimulating educational experiences 


Strengthen communities  through play and collaborative learning 

Join us!

Local learning spaces have the potential to expand opportunities to develop successful lives for girls, boys, adolescents and youth, as well as to build strong and active communities

Let's work together


Companies and foundations

Governments and organizations

TYour contribution to Clap! makes a big difference in the life opportunities of girls, boys, adolescents, youth and their communities. Do you want to join our efforts? Contact us

Clap! is a non-profit project of Lab de Comunes, A.C. If you're interested in making a tax-deductible donation or participating as a strategic ally, contact us.

We are looking for partners interested in developing high-value spaces for adolescents and youth, in different parts of the country. Contact us.

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